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Denia Shipyard for Boat repair Spain

Denia Shipyard for boat repair Spain

Denia Shipyard for boat repair Spain welcomes you with an extensive range of shipyard services all year round, such as the repair, maintenance, dismantling of boats, manufacturing and more… With its strategically located shipyard in the Port Denia our shipyard offers its facilities and complete services to its customers with at the top of its priority list, quality and delivery times. You can dock and have your boat hauled out for a full set of tailored and hand-picked annual or more urgent and sporadic maintenance and refit services. We use moveable building roofs for weather protection as well as an outfitting quay allowing for ships of all sizes and supporting offices, workshops, a mechanical and electrical shop, shore cranes and other heavy machinery. As a professional shipyard we proudly follow international quality management systems and hold professional certificates.

Denia Shipyard Works

Shipyard facilities

Our workflow is uninterrupted thanks to our shipyard's unique location, layout, and facilities. Located straight on the Port of Denia, we can also offer berths for short to long-term stays.

Safety first

Customers can entrust us with their boat as our enclosed shipyard facilities have CCTV and on-site security presence, to ensure that during your boat's rebuild or repair, it remains supervised and safe.

Modern machinery

Whether when working with heavy machinery to lower, rotate, suspend, lift, or tilt your boat, retouching the paint or offering aesthetic changes, our workers are proud to produce the best quality work from design and approval to execution.

Dry docking

Our dry docking can be used for all sorts of repairs. We can take your ship to the service yard so as to inspect or clean the exposed hull of your boat, and conduct repairs and maintenance works accordingly. Our lift can manoeuvre your boat onto our dock with ease.


Yearly maintenance prices will vary depending on the size of the vessel but also on its general upkeep. If you are looking for more complex or turn-key solutions for your refit, please enquire today to obtain a bespoke quote. We have at our disposal advanced software systems as well as machinery.

Technical office

Staffed by highly staffed employees, our Shipyard's technical office offers design services and building activities which aspire to fulfil the expectations of all our customers. Our comprehensive support and dynamic engineering team as well as dedicated specialist hope to have you back every year!

Denia shipyard in-house services

Our mission at Denia Shipyard is to provide the upmost refit and boat repair Spain experience, from the project management right through to your boat’s delivery. Our world-class shipyard is equipped with the latest technology and shipyard facilities, all supported by a trusted network of professional suppliers and in-house specialists. Our dedicated team of naval specialists is ready to take on any refit or maintenance project you may have and attend all your needs with the signature Denia Shipyard commitment to quality and customer care. We are:

  • 45 miles from Ibiza in south-east mainland Spain
  • up to 138m LOA
  • 1200 tonnes maximum haul
  • 2000 m2 shipyard for all our services
Yard Services
Carpentry and Interiors
Electric and Systems
Professional Surveys
Expert Inspections
General Maintenance
Yacht Paint
Engineering and Mechanics
Project Management

Shipyard Collaborating Brands

We welcome all yachts in our marina and can haul up to 1200 tonnes in the shipyard.​ We customise your experience for interior and exterior refits and maintenance.
Albert Morell
General Manager at Denia Shipyard

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Port Denia Shipyard

Denia Shipyard for boat repair Spain

Boat repair Spain

Come to Denia Shipyard for boat repair Spain and yacht refit up to 50 metres. We maintain and carry out ship repairs on all types and makes of boats. From day cruisers to large passenger ferries. We carry out many boat refit projects on Benetti, Leopard, Princess, Azimut and many more. We specialise in sail boats.